Friday, November 4, 2011

Treacle following CallumJohnLowe, Fashion Design Menswear, Northumbria Uni, #2

Greetings from Northumbria University - the time in 8:08pm and I'm still going ...

From the beginning of time we have used clothing to protect ourselves from the environment and to showcase our own individual style.  From a young age I have watched programmes like Tintin and read about great explorers, people heading out into the great abyss of culture and adventure. I have always wanted to explore, whether it was in the local woods or on trips around the world. I am a curious fellow, always wondering what is around the next corner.  I have a great interest for all things British - maybe it's something I was brought up to believe but British products to me stand for a mark of quality.

The story behind my Collection Concept and the problems I would like to solve
Britain is currently a trillion pound in debt and the UK unemployment rate is at its highest for the 17th year running. I am reminded by my family that “when I was young there were so many jobs you could leave a job on the Friday and get another job by the Monday”. There were a lot of apprenticeships, especially for the young and just out of school. The shipyards and mines in the North East were massive employers but now a lot of young people only have a choice between higher education or the dole because there are so few jobs available.
So why start production of British-sourced British-made products like clothing now?

Everyone will know someone who used to work in a textile factory, sewing, cutting or knitting some form of textile (my Mam used to work at the Dewhirst factory in Ashington). That kind of skill is now very hard to come by - it’s a dying art, nowadays everything is cheap and is thrown away after a month of wearing it. Personally I would choose a well made garment than an item a quarter of the price – buy cheap, buy twice.

My passion is to create a collection of garments, sourced and produced in Britain - made of the highest quality and catering for the wearer's needs. collection is travelling/exploring. My concept behind my collection is that whilst on this trip into the unknown I am an ambassador for Britain promoting everything British and hopefully bring some form of revenue to Britain. The selling point will be the story and the clothing which I will be wearing to show the quality and the functionality of the collection.

The Idea behind it is to produce more jobs and give Britain that push toward to self-sustainability, don’t misquote me Britain will never be self-sustainable as it is not possible because of the amount of people and the restricted land mass.

Britain has such a massive history of not only designing textiles but also PRODUCING textiles. So lets keep that history flowing for as long as possible. I know in my heart this is something which I care dearly for and something which I would like to change. So im going to pour my soul into it and hope you like the end result.
What do you think of this concept? Have I hit the nail on the head or missed and hit my thumb? If you have a related story to tell from your past, I'm all ears. Comment below and follow me on Twitter @CallumJohnLowe

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