Sunday, September 11, 2011

A great start to the new season

It's been a great week!  The first Knit2gether on Wednesday at the shop was full again with 3 newbies, one of whom was a visitor to the area and had been in the shop earlier in the day.  She was keen to learn how to knit socks on 4 needles so we taught her at the Knit2gether - a happy lady.  

It's exciting to see what our lovely customers are working on and to inspire them for their next project - Rico Galaxy went down particularly well, a divine gently-shaded chunky weight yarn sprinkled with sequins - what's not to love about that combination?! 

At the moment, we particularly fancy knitting a vintage-pattern aran cardigan in Louisa Harding's Ianthe, to give that modern twist.  Or perhaps a simple two buttoned tunic in 100% merino - being surrounded by fantastic yarns and many many patterns on a daily basis can make it hard to choose just one project to work on!  Our wonderful team of knitters are working hard creating another 100% Angora vintage bolero, a Merino fan-backed jacket and a 1940s fairisle jumper for our customers - such a diverse range of garments, we are thrilled we can fulfil their wants!

To close our week, we ran two Let's Crochet workshops yesterday, beginner in the morning and next stepper in the afternoon.  It felt lovely having the upstairs of the shop full of people keen to learn and concentrating hard.  Next Saturday is Let's Knit 130-4 (if you'd like to come, let us know!) followed by felting, finishing techniques and much more -

There are new projects in the pipeline, not least the brand new Treacle Online Shop, which we are launching at the end of the month.  ALL our stock will be available, to buy online or reserve to collect in store.  It's a mammoth task and we are very excited about launching Treacle globally!

And now, as its such a beautiful blue sky, it's time for a walk!  Enjoy your Sunday, Treacle

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