Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New ideas from tricky times

It's been a tricky few days for half of Treacle. Some of you may have noticed the shop was closed on Friday (something we rarely do!). My 5 year old daughter fell down a flight of stairs and fractured her skull. She's home now and well on the mend but it was a strange few days entering the world of children's hospitals and medicine.

We started our journey at the Children's A&E in the Wansbeck General in Ashington. I am so impressed at the level of care we were all shown, the calmness of the (rather cute!) doctors, the compassion and chirpiness of the nurses. One in particular struck a chord with Connie (the patient) – he gave her a drink of water with a black straw, now forever known as a nightclub straw (his words, reckon he must be a party boy in his other world).

Mother and daughter were transferred by ambulance to the North Tyneside Hospital near Whitley Bay by ambulance (another thrill) by two fantastic paramedics, one of whom came by two days later to see how she was doing. We stayed in Ward 10, the Children's Ward, for 3 days and are bowled over by how well we were both looked after (not least being made the most amazing cup of tea I have had since having Connie all those years ago).

So of course, whilst I was sitting, worrying, feeling anxious about what was happening inside her tiny head, I was knitting (beautiful Araucania Azapa if you need to know). This, as ever, proved an ice breaker with various people. And I got to thinking, we must be able to help the Ward via Treacle Cares.

So as well as needing mens socks for the homeless in Newcastle, we now would also like jerkins for babies – from newborn upwards – little buttonless, sleeveless waistcoats the nurses can put on the poor little mites whilst they have cannulas in and need to be warm.

We have a pattern – please help if you can. Usual set up applies – knit the items, get them to Treacle and we will ensure they get to where they need to be. Get in touch if you need more information.

So we are home, Connie is sparky again, Mother's anxiety levels are getting less by the day and calm is returning. Thank goodness. And Treacle is open 10-4, Mon to Fri, 9-5 Sat. See you soon, lots of gorgeous new things in store!

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