Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunshine, weekends & pretty things

It's been a while since we blogged so Hi!  We have had a bumper Autumn/Winter season and now Treacle is chock full of spring shades, cottons, silks, linens and merinos.  We have to admit it is a VERY pleasing place to spend our time!  We are really pleased with what we have sourced for Spring/Summer - excellent high quality yarns at fabulous prices to suit every budget.  We have a new selection from Katia and are just about to take delivery of a brand new line from Adriafil, Italy.

The gifts section is growing all the time with the most adorable crocheted baby shoes, a perfect gift for a new baby, in a rainbow of colours, divine cotton knitting bags from Hortensia,  and a new line of knitting bags in all shapes, sizes and fabrics.  We love to support local crafters and give them an opportunity to get their wares into the marketplace.  We are very pleased that we have gifts for every occasion so let us know if there is something you need!

Treacle Cares has just been launched - this is the charity side to our business.  We have been wondering for a while what to do with our stash and came up with the brilliant idea of getting our lovely customers to knit items for local charities.  We asked The People's Kitchen, the Cyrenians, the RVI and St Oswalds Hospice what items they could actually use and pass on to their users - they said fingerless mitts, chemo caps, baby hats and beanies.  So we make up packs, our customers come in and ask for one, knit the item, give it back to us and we will pass directly to the people who can use them!  Perfect, all round feel good project we think!  Knitters can get patterns directly from us or use their own patterns/stash - we really don't mind!

We also have our New Big Idea in the planning stages so what this space for news on that - here at Treacle, there's is always something on the boil!

Remember we are an old fashioned wool shop with a modern twist - without you we wouldn't be here so thanks for your continuing support and we will be blogging much more from now on!

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